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Best of the Web

“As I Am”

This video is exceptionally poetic.  The visuals are poetic.  The script.  The pace.  The cuts.  The point.  All of it.  This piece is a piece of America today.  A world that most of us do not experience, reflect upon or honestly even want to engage in. The words of  Chris Dean are moving and tell the story of South Memphis with immense dignity.  This film presents a painful reality in the most elegant manner and offers a significant sense of hope.   This might be the best short film I’ve screened this month.

One Year In Hong Kong

Lately, meaning the last couple of days, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit trying to decide if I should upload my personal photos to Flickr.  Spending that time, I happened upon some really good photographers out in the world.  One particular series by briyen, aka Brian Yen, took my breath away for a plethora of reasons.  His style of street photography is particularly engaging although made from quite the distances.  The way he sees provokes a sincere energy to the subjects.   His series of long exposures is spectacular and aside from being incredibly visually stimulating, they echo the pace of the city with each layer of information.

Ghosts of History

This series by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse is amazing and truly mesmerizing.  The backstory from The Atlantic describes the process and tells of Teuwisse’s discovery and creative process.   These series of Photoshopped works had me staring for quite some time.


These pictures are funny and well crafted. Sebastian Magnani made these photographs by combining pictures of dogs with their owners.   The outcome is classic, humorous and quite enchanting.

Caption: Top left: Screen grab from the film ” As I Am” by Alan Spearman; top right: photography by Brian Yen from One Year in Hong Kong; bottom left: photograph by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse for the series Ghost of History; and bottom right: photograph by Sebastian Magnani from the series Underdogs. 

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