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Carter and Ford campaign in Los Angeles

Carter and Ford campaign in Los Angeles

Oct. 7, 1976: President Gerald Ford wears USC lettermans’ jacket just presented him by USC running back Ricky Bell, applauding, during the president’s midday campaign appearance before University of Southern California student body.

The Los Angeles Times presidential campaign coverage was dominated by Ford’s factual blunder in the Oct. 6, 1976, presidential debate.  Ford had asserted “there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” Carter jumped on the statement and continued the attack in campaign stops.

Following the debate in San Francisco, Carter and Ford campaigned in Los Angeles on Oct. 7.  Retired staff photographer Boris Yaro covered campaign stops for both candidates, getting these two photos published in the Oct. 8, 1976, Los Angeles Times.

Carter won the Nov. 2, 1976, election with just over 50% of the popular vote.

Oct. 7, 1976: Jimmy Carter chats with Annette Lee, 6, and other youngsters in front of Jade West Restaurant during campaign stop in Century City. Credit: Boris Yaro/Los Angeles Times.

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