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Best of the Web

‘Instant: The Story of Polaroid’

This content of this video is so interesting if you are even remotely interested in photography.  The video itself is fairly static, but stick with it and you’ll find it’s wonderful to learn about the history of Polaroid.

‘Operation Free Lunch’

I visit Focus Forward Films every so often to see what’s new; the premise of three-minute stories is awesome, and you can really learn a lot in that short span of time.  I was quite moved by Operation Free Lunch by Lixin Fan, who tells the story of journalist Deng Fei as he set up the Free Lunch Campaign in China.

JF Rauzier

I’ve mentioned Jean-Francois Rauzier’s work before, and every time I do, I have to once again mention the awe his work provokes.  It’s called Hyperphoto, and it makes sense when you see his style of photography.  His site is interesting because you can zoom into his pieces to examine the details and elaborate Photoshop work.  The video produced by Annenberg Space for Photography does a good job of explaining the process and providing the reason for the awe.

‘Design & Thinking’

I’m interested in design and thinking, which makes me curious about the film “Design & Thinking.”  I’m drawn to documentaries that examine the creative process as well as how design works in our daily lives and how people in a variety of industries see its function. If I can find this doc, I’d like to check it out.

Top left: Screengrab from “Instant: The Story of Polaroid”; top right: Screengrab from “Operation Free Lunch” by Lixin Fan; bottom left: “Paris, Palais Royal” by Jean-Francois Rauzier; bottom right: Screengrab from “Design & Thinking”

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