Pictures in the News | Nov. 13, 2012

Monday’s Pictures in the News begins in Japan, where two women take pictures of themselves as they walk along a Christmas display in Tokyo that features about 370,000 LEDs.

In Ohio, Shena Hardin holds up a sign to serve a highly public sentence in Cleveland for driving on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus that was unloading children. A Cleveland municipal judge ordered Hardin to hold a sign saying, ‘Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus,’ for one hour Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Europe, activists with protective masks attend a rally in downtown Kiev to call for more government efforts against the spread of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis in the former Soviet republic; and contestants in the Miss Intercontinental beauty contest gather for a photo in Berlin.

Down Under, cameras are set up on a beach Cairns in preparation for a total solar eclipse, the first in Australia in a decade.

Add stops in India, Indonesia, Germany and Kyrgyzstan to round out the report.