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High-flying fashion

High-flying fashion

March 1967: A variety of new uniforms are modeled by airline stewardesses Jeanne Kendall, 21, American; Mary Anne Touhy, 22, Western; Junko Kawai, Japan; Sherron Goldizen, 22, Continental;, and Bonnie Campbell, 20, American.

Times staff writer Dorothy Townsend reported on the new stewardess uniforms – especially some airlines’ move to mini-skirts:

For those who’ve wondered how high mini-skirts would go, there is an answer: to the sky.

One airline has taken a group of stewardesses out of mufti and put them in mini-skirts and mod boots for a series of trial runs on nonstop Los Angeles-New York flights.

The “test’ flights both happen to be evening dinner flights and the clientele is mostly executive–and male.

The experiment has precedent, for airlines have been breaking away from the button-up suits for some time. Trim and chic as they are, the accustomed suits have a certain regimental aura, just a trace of a militaristic look of authority.

It may be that that’s what is need to keep high-flying wolves in line.

This photo by retired staff photographer Joe Kennedy was published with Townsend’s article in the March 22, 1967, Los Angeles Times.

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  1. November 19, 2012, 3:27 pm

    I think Alexander Girard's uniform for BANFF airlines were one of the best!


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