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A photograph is said to be worth a thousand words, and when a master of photography deftly captures a single defining image that can speak volumes about a subject, what may seem like luck and ease is usually the result of countless hours at the craft, a lifetime of experience and a sensitivity to the subject at hand.  It is the photographer who frames the image and decides what is shown and what is hidden; it is the photographer who chooses the moment, that fraction of a second to record a moment in time.  It is an intricate dance of the photographer’s sensibility, the mechanics of capturing the image and the relationship of the subject to the photographer, the craft elevated to the point of muscle memory, instinct.
David Alan Harvey
Vogue Italy profiles Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. David talks about his passion for living life to the fullest, making memories though his artistic expression of photography, the craft of photography and his own journey with photography. He talks about the fortune of finding his passion early on in life as he photographed his family as a teenager and his own amazement at how much he doesn’t know about the the techniques of photography.

Barbara Davidson
This year held the Luminance, a festival celebrating the impact and significance of photography.  One of the highlights of the festival was Los Angeles Times photographer Barbara Davidson talking about her three-year journey to put a face to victims of gang violence in her Pulitzer Prize-winning series “Caught in the Crossfire.” She speaks of having the conviction to document the violence in her own community, the craft of photography and the power of the subject’s voice through multimedia.
Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry is a documentary journalist best known for his portrait of the “Afghan Girl” that appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Winner of the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting abroad, his work covering conflicts has taken him to some of the most war-torn countries in the world. On assignment to shoot the 2013 Pirelli calendar,  famous for showcasing nude images of top models, McCurry brought his documentary sensibility to next year’s edition. The result is a series of images shot in Rio de Janeiro that focuses beyond the mere aesthetic; the images capture the models beyond just a sexy pose in a nondescript location, revealing a bit of who they are within the vibrance of Brazil.

The New Yorker’s Photo Booth column pays portrait photographer Platon a studio visit to talk about his project that was a lifetime in the making. Known for his revealing portraits of world leaders, Platon’s Greece project takes him back to his roots.  Growing up in Greece, Platon first photographed its inhabitants as a child. Every few years he would return to Greece, and as his career as a photographer progressed and as he changed and grew, the place that he photographed as a child seemed to stay the same. Platon speaks of photographers covering up the truth, paying attention to an errant line on the face. The beauty of his subjects in Greece is the imperfection. It is the beauty and grace of aging, a patina of experience and living showing up in the expressive lines of age. To Platon, photography is about human connection; it is meeting a subject and connecting to that person and through his craft expressing that connection.

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