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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Sera’s Story

A charismatic 11-year-old character is a good start to this short film. This young lady is incredible. She says profound things and I could not help but stay engaged with her. Her story is one of so many, but that she personalizes what a child in her situation may go through is what makes this piece so powerful. At one point in the video, she says, “This is not the great American Dream.”

I have a feeling that this young lady is going to do some good things when she grows up.

A Short History of the GIF

Seriously, how fun is stop motion? This is a cute little video on a topic that I don’t think we think about very much. It’s a charming little piece that recaps and teaches us about the GIF.

The Weirdest Photo Research of 2012

This edit of photography is wildly amusing. I like what James Pomerantz wrote and I really like the photography he selected to share as his weird finds throughout the year. Each photograph makes you pause and experience the moment.

Through the Lens of Presidential Photographer Pete Souza

This week a delightful photograph by presidential photographer Pete Souza has been circulating around the Web. It’s of a young Spider-Man spraying his web on the president. It is a treasure of pure cuteness.  It’s also quite nice to see our president’s playful side. The gallery is a wonderful documentation of the president’s life and work.  Souza has a nice style of capturing private and spontaneous moments.

Caption: Top left: Screen grab from “Sera’s Story: Growing Up Poor in San Francisco” by Jezza Neumann; top right: Screen grab from “The Short History of GIF”; bottom left: Fluffens, a 4-year-old mixture of Persian and Angora cat, relaxes while a mother white mouse (lower left) and her brood of seven use her for a playground. Bettmann/Corbis; bottom right: President Obama pretends to be caught in Spider-Man’s web as he greets the son of a White House staffer in the outer Oval Office, Oct. 26, 2012, by Pete Souza / The White House

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