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June 26, 1953. Actresses Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell after placing their handprints in wet cement at Grauman's theater.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

March 21, 1942: Japanese Americans on a bus to Manzanar internment camp in the Owens Valley. This photo was published March 22, 1942.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

This 1896 photo by C.C. Pierce shows Spring Street, looking south from Temple toward 1st Street, before it was realigned to make way for City Hall. The Nadeau Hotel, now the site of The Times building, is in the center of the photo.


Dec. 8, 1946: Bob Hope admires Bing Crosby's technique as they pose for a promotional photo for a golf exhibition in Inglewood. Hope and Crosby also entertained guests at the Times Sports Award Dinner on Dec. 26, 1946.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Julian Robinson / Los Angeles Times

April 20, 1942: Under the command of Gen George Patton, a U.S. Army tank destroyer unit awaits the start on maneuvers in the desert east of Indio. This photo was published on Page 1 of the April 21, 1942, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: George Watson / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Sept. 13, 1988: Martin De Young, 100, says his greatest pleasure in life is smoking a cigar.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Charles Hillinger / Los Angeles Times

Nov. 2, 1947: The Hughes Aircraft H-4 Hercules, known as the Spruce Goose, makes a short flight in the Long Beach-Los Angeles Harbor. This photo was published in the Nov. 3, 1947, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Nov. 30, 1925: An old horse-drawn car makes a trip during grand opening ceremonies for the higher-tech Pacific Electric subway, the city's first subway, which stretched a mile between 1st Street and Glendale Boulevard and Hill Street between 4th and 5th streets. This photo was published in the Dec. 1, 1925, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Dec. 10, 1950: Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Smith garden in front of their Sun Valley streetcar home. Housing quarters are retired cars that formerly operated on the Watts line. They’re all-electric and air-conditioned.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

March 15, 1980: During a Ku Klux Klan rally in Oceanside, fighting broke out and a man was injured.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Dave Gatley / Los Angeles Times

March 8, 1979: The space shuttle Columbia creeps over back roads from Rockwell International's Palmdale plant to Edwards Air Force Base.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times

July 1, 1984: The battleship Iowa fires a full broadside of nine 16-inch/50 and six 5-inch/38 guns during a target exercise near Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Note concussion effects on the water surface and 16-inch gun barrels in varying degrees of recoil.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: PHAN J. Alan Elliott / U.S. Navy

June 11, 1946: The wings of the Hughes H-4 Hercules aircraft, now known as the Spruce Goose, are moved from the Hughes Aircraft plant in Culver City to Long Beach. The move took two days as movers traveled at 2 mph. In Long Beach the aircraft was assembled and flown in 1947. This photo was published in the June 12, 1946, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Oct. 19, 1956: Butch Langhans, 4, holds an "I Like Ike" campaign button with his teeth at a speech by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Burbank.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Garry A. Watson / Los Angeles Times

May 8, 1959: Aurora Vargas is carried by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies after her family refused to leave their house in Chavez Ravine. The photo was taken by Los Angeles Mirror-News photographer Hugh Arnott.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Hugh Arnott / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Feb. 1, 1963: A dragon, manipulated by 40 men, takes part in the Chinese New Year parade for the Year of the Rabbit in L.A.'s New Chinatown.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Al Monteverde / Los Angeles Times

Feb. 19, 2010: Space shuttle Endeavour stands out against a terrestrial background in this photo taken by an Expedition 22 crew member on the International Space Station soon after the shuttle undocked from the space station and began to move away.


April 13, 1970: Gale winds and 10-foot swells hammer the cruise ship La Jenelle off Port Hueneme, reducing in 23 minutes a $1-million luxury liner into a salvage operation. A similar photo was front-page lead art in the April 14, 1970, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Joe Kennedy / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 21, 1947: The YB-47 Flying Wing takes off for the first time. The flight took it from Northrop's Hawthorne facility to Muroc Army Air Base, now Edwards Air Force Base. Some 4,000 spectators, mostly Northrop employees, witnessed the take off. This photo was published in the Oct. 22, 1947, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times

April 12, 1967: Martin Luther King Jr. during a press conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. King responded to criticism of his anti-Vietnam War activities. He told the media that "until we get rid of this [Vietnam] war," national problems of poverty, slums and urban blight cannot be solved.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jack Carrick / Los Angeles Times

March 14, 1976: In a photo taken with a long telephoto lens, cross traffic on Sepulveda Boulevard at Los Angeles International Airport appears to be an American Airlines jet.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Oct. 4, 1977: Cars jam the parking lots of Dodger Stadium for the first game of the National League Championship Series.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bill Varie / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 2, 1946: After not being adopted during the holidays, Wilbur poses for Times staff photographer Paul Calvert at the Ann Street Animal Shelter. Once this photo was published, he was adopted, but the new owners changed his name to Gladys - the dog was a female.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times

June 1926: W. Parker Lyon, left, salutes friend and fellow Western historian Albert Dressler at the bar of Lyon's museum of California antiquities in Pasadena – later called the Pony Express Museum and moved to Arcadia. This photo was published in the June 10, 1926, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: E. J. Spencer / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 18, 1967: Sculptor Howard Ball tows his life-size imperial mammoth behind his 1958 Volkswagen to the La Brea Tar Pits. This photo was published in the Jan. 19, 1967, Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Joe Kennedy / Los Angeles Times

May 12, 1957: Robert Luxton gets a good luck kiss from mom "in front of the team and everybody" on opening day of Little League season. This photo was published May 13, 1957, in the MIrror-News.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Loren Patty / Mirror-News

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Yep, it’s that time again – time to look into the rearview mirror at 2012.  Of the 225 From the Archive posts in 2012, these are readers’ and my favorites.


Scott Harrison

The images in the gallery are from the following 2012 From the Archive posts:

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