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1914 flooding in Arroyo Seco

1914 flooding in Arroyo Seco

Jan. 26, 1914: Flooding in the Arroyo Seco south of Highland Park surrounds the rock crushers and gravel-digging machinery of the Atlas company near Avenue 45.

An article in the Jan. 27, 1914 L.A. Times reported:

With rapidly-diminishing force, its fury spent, one of the most severe storms in the history of Southern California passed eastward yesterday leaving in its wake complete saturation, demoralized traffic, demolished bridges, undermined houses and uprooted trees.

While much of the fury of the waters was spectacular in results, the actual damage is less than at first appeared – probably under $200,000. Most of this is in bridges swept away and roads washing out….

The torrent that rushed down the Arroyo Seco all yesterday forenoon was spectacular in appearance and destructive in effect. Between Avenue Forty-three and Forty gas pipes, water pipes and electric wires were torn away and representatives of the utility companies rushed candles to keep the people from being in darkness last night.

Overall, The Times reported three lives lost and about 50 bridges washed out around Los Angeles County.

This photo was published in the Jan. 27, 1914 Los Angeles Times.

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