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Best of the Web

The Packard Plant

The connection of visual scene after visual scene in this piece is really well pieced together. I was mesmerized by this beautiful chaos.  I have no connection to Detroit except for visiting a couple of times, yet this video told the story of the Packard plant in way that made me want to explore all the other aspects of this story. The photographs of this dilapidated space are so beautifully made with an artful point of view. I really like that a lot of details were presented and the editors gave a micro view of this massive space. The then and now is really fascinating too.

Occupy Wall Street protester viral video rant

Plucking one person to feature in this way was a nice take on a much larger story. There was humor involved, which really kept the pace up.

While you’re here, explore “By Topic.”  There are some really great pieces.  I particularly liked Watergate: Forty years after the scandal.  So interesting.

Changing the Image of AIDS

I enjoy pieces like this because I like to hear the perspective from the visual creator. In this particular piece, David Binder’s voice and stories under his photographs gives another dimension to the photography. The slow pacing of his voice as well as the photography gives the viewer enough time get take in each of the photographs and what he is saying in a concise and clear way.

Jens Risom’s Block Island Retreat by Gary Nadeau for Dwell

My not-so-secret love is home design. It is my porn. I absolutely love seeing how people live and design their homes. It’s such a personal thing and a direct extension of who they are. This interview with designer Jens Risom at his vacation home is wonderfully quaint.

Caption: Top left: screen grab from “The Packard Plant” video by Brian Kaufman; top right; screen grab from “Occupy Wall Street protester viral video rant” by Brad Horn; bottom left: screen grab photograph by David Binder from “Changing the Image of AIDS”; bottom right: screen grab from Jens Bisom’s “Block Island Retreat” by Gary Nadeau for Dwell. 

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