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A 5 1/2-month-old male panda named Xiao Liwu has his head measured during his weekly checkup at the San Diego Zoo. The 14-pound animal is still nursing and is just learning to munch on a slice of apple.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

A Free Syrian Army fighter aims his weapon during clashes with government forces in Aleppo, Syria. Two explosions struck the main university in the northern Syrian city Tuesday, causing an unknown number of casualties, state media and anti-government activists said.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andoni Lubaki / Associated Press

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian people gather at the site after an explosion hit a university in Aleppo, Syria.


Pakistani Rangers (in black) and Indian Border Security Force personnel (in brown) perform a "flag off" ceremony on the Pakistan-India border. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned Tuesday that there "cannot be business as usual" with Pakistan after a deadly flare-up last week in disputed Kashmir.


Children play in a street in Herat on Monday. A United Nations report says more than one-third of Afghans are living in abject poverty.


Bull tamers try to control a bull in a Tamil sport called jallikattu, traditionally played during the harvest festival.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Arun Sankar K. / Associated Press

Switzerland's Roger Federer serves to France's Benoit Paire in their first-round match at the Australian Open tennis tournament. Federer won in straight sets.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andy Wong / Associated Press

A helicopter flies over Tucuman before Stage 9 of the Dakar Rally, which runs in January from Peru to Argentina to Chile.


The wreckage of a train that derailed on Cairo's southern outskirts is viewed. At least 19 people were killed and 105 injured when the train, carrying military conscripts from south Egypt to Cairo, derailed Monday, state media reported.


Police officers stand in front of a train that derailed into a residential building in the Saltsjoebaden section. A woman accused of stealing the unoccupied train from a depot was taken to a hospital after the crash and was detained on suspicion of destroying public property.


French soldiers who recently arrived from France prepare at a military base for their deployment in northern Mali. On Friday, France launched an operation to support the Malian army against Islamist rebels who in the north who were threatening to advance on the capital Bamako.


A man walks on a snow-covered bridge in Lyon


A new popular choice for diners in Ukraine's capital is this topsy-turvy restaurant.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: SERGEY DOLZHENKO / European Pressphoto Agency

A Hindu holy man performs morning prayers for devotees at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. Tens of millions of pilgrims are expected to take part in the Maha Kumbh Mela festival, which takes place every 12 years and lasts more than 50 days.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kevin Frayer / Associated Press

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