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Joshua Levi participates in the free lunchtime yoga program at downtown's Grand Park.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

A worker paints a Carnaval float sculpture at the Grande Rio Samba school. Each year samba schools pick out a theme based on a historic event or a social issue and then bring the idea to life through the use of colorful floats and glamorous costumes, mostly kept under wraps until the start of the pre-Lenten world-famous festival.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Felipe Dana / Associated Press

A woman stands next to an Ice sculpture during the 15th International Sculpture Symposium "Snow Kingdom 2013."


A man rides a horse through a bonfire in honor of St. Anthony, the patron saint of animals. On the eve of St. Anthony's Day, hundreds ride their horses trough the village's narrow cobblestone streets during a traditional festival that dates back 500 years and is meant to purify the animals, and protect them for the year to come.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Daniel Ochoa De Olza / Associated Press

A model shows a creation as part of the Patrick Mohr off-site show at The Block during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


Thousands of dead Menhaden fish washed ashore on the south tip of the island.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Steve Jessmore / Myrtle Beach Sun News

A demonstrator splays himself on the ground after he and others set fire to mock coffins to protest the attempt by outgoing Kenyan legislators, whose term ended earlier this week, to award themselves a $110,000 bonus. The measure was vetoed by Kenya's president.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ben Curtis / Associated Press

A Kenyan activist flops over a mock coffin during a protest against lawmakers who attempted to award themselves a $110,000 exit bonus.


Wreckage lies in the street as police and firefighters secure the scene of a helicopter crash that killed two people.


Police block access to the scene of a rush-hour helicopter crash in Vauxhall in London. According to reports, the helicopter struck a crane atop St George Wharf Tower before plunging into the road below.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

A worker walks through a tunnel of the new Line 52 north-south subway line in Amsterdam, which was originally supposed to have opened in 2012. Construction and financial delays have pushed back the scheduled opening to 2017.


A man walks past an oversized photograph of a wet tiger taken by Tim Flach at the London Art Fair. The fair, which runs until Jan. 20, brings together 131 galleries to showcase a huge, eclectic collection of art.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Oli Scarff / Getty Images

The sun sparkles in a clear blue sky as branches droop under the weight of ice and snow at the popular ski resort of Wengen.


Snow covers a jetty at Lake Tegernsee in southern Germany. Meteorologists predicted more snow in the coming days.


Models present creations from the Barre Noir fall/winter collection at Berlin Fashion Week.


Indians stirred to act by the December gang rape and death of a young woman in New Delhi hold candles and placards during a candlelight vigil demanding punishment for rapists.


Bull tamers try to control a bull as Indians celebrating the harvest festival of Pongal take part in the ancient sport known as Jallikattu, a Tamil tradition.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Arun Sankar K. / Associated Press

Britain's Heather Watson celebrates after winning her second-round match over Ksenia Pervak of Kazakstan at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andy Wong / Associated Press

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    Rampant horses riding through fire in Spanish Luminarias Festival in San Bartolome de Pinares

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