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1947 oil drilling protest

1947 oil drilling protest

Oct. 21, 1947: Attorney Gregory Creutz speaks to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors during a protest against oil drilling.

An article in the Oct. 22, 1947, Los Angeles Times explains the protest:

Spokesmen for veterans who own homes in the area bounded by 113th St., Arlington Ave., 103rd St. and Vermont Ave. yesterday spearheaded a mass appeal to the Board of Supervisors to forestall oil drilling operations within the district.

The board took the matter under submission for two weeks after hearing arguments from Carl J. Hoffman, Gregory Creutz, Atty. Joseph Scott, Rev. Paul A. Kanoske of St. Frances Cabrini parish and others against the proposed drilling, and from Atty. Deane Johnson, Shell Oil Co. counsel, in favor of the operation.

Backed by a  throng displaying placards bearing legends to the effect that oil well drilling would decrease values of some $15,000,000 in new homes and impede growth of the area, opponents of the program reiterated the fact that many veterans built homes under the impression that the residential zone restrictions would ban any major industrial development near the homesites.

Johnson argued that if the drilling is permitted, his company would drill by gas engine power with a minimum of noise, pump with silent electric power and countersink below ground level the actual pumping equipment.

Derricks would remain up for not more than 60 days, the attorney said.

Creutz at one point expressed himself in favor of limited drilling operations if these were “rigidly controlled.” Property owners on whose land drilling might be done under lease favored the drilling.

Atty. Scott contended that the “relatively few barrels of oil the company would draw from the ground would not begin to compensate for losses as home values drop.”

This photo accompanied the story in The Times.

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  1. January 29, 2013, 1:20 pm

    Even without the oil drilling the relative property values in that neighborhood tumbled quickly, within 10 to 13 years.

    By: greytv

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