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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

This week’s Best of the Web focuses on location-based stories. Location often plays a major role in the story; it is the context where the story plays out and oftentimes the location serves a wider view, with many stories within the location. Pulling out to the macro “big picture” level is often about common experiences within the common frame of place or culture. It is something shared, something relatable.

JR: Blow Up
TED Prize-winner JR views the city as “the biggest gallery in the world.” JR’s mission in art is “showing that we’re all human — all equal.” Filmed by Matt Black for NOWNESS , JR: Blow Up looks at the renegade artist who brought the world’s attention into the neighborhoods and cities that he transformed into large-scale galleries, with the residents as the focus of the art.

New Yorkers

In a city of more than 8 million resident,s there is no shortage of stories. “New Yorkers” is a recurring documentary series by Moonshot productions that highlights New Yorkers from all walks of life. From the doorman to the taxi driver to the Shaolin warrior, these are the people that make New York.

Out of Eden Walk

About  50,000 years ago the first modern humans emerged out of the birthplace of modern man, the Great Rift Valley of Africa. That marked the beginning of an epic journey that some 2,500 generations later would take humanity more than 22,000 miles of the Earth’s surface.  Writer Paul Salopek also emerged out the birthplace of humanity to embark upon a seven-year walking journey in which he will retrace the routes of our ancestors, one step at a time.

68 blocks

Bowdoin-Geneva is a neighborhood that has been known for decades for its violence, despite city and community efforts to reduce the scourge. Journalists from the Boston Globe rented an apartment and embedded themselves in the neighborhood to learn firsthand what life is like in the 68 blocks known as Bowdoin-Geneva.

A Day in India

As a bonus to feed your hunger for new places, chef and filmmaker Daniel Klein,, takes us on a vibrant and colorful food tour of a day in India.

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