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Best of the Web

Visual journalists are being asked to create richer storytelling experiences and sound is becoming an indispensable part of the story.  Sound adds a sense of touch to the experience, it is a vibration that we can feel.  Sound can elicit emotions, it can both soothe and raise tension.


SoundCloud enlists sound experts and friends to help us hear why sound is so important to the way we connect to the world.

Imogen Heap, Moby, Jad Abumrad and Bruce Odland are among the “Soundsmiths” who have us slow down to hear the richness of the hidden choir of the sounds around us.

Under the clouds

Created from sounds recorded on a hand-held recorder, Gioacchino Petronicce’s “Under the Clouds” is a tactile and emotional remembrance of a rainy trip trip from Toulouse to Paris and Paris to Martinique. The sounds of the speeding trains flowing and bending into wind blowing through grass add a layer of texture to the experience, something that can actually be felt.


“Bipoland” is meant to describe the feelings of the past and present.  Matty Brown’s personal journey through Poland takes us into the dark and heavy past of Poland.  A powerful soundtrack by Philip Glass with equally powerful and authentic voices of Winston Churchill and Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein played against found sounds and a stream of frenetic imagery from modern-day Poland eerily brings us on a visceral journey 70 years into the past and back to the present.

‘The Ghan’ Remix

Nick Bertke, also known as Pogo, is an electronic music artist from Australia who has caught my attention with amazing musical “supercut”-type remixes of found footage.  His remixes of classic Disney films such as “Up,” and films like “Pulp Fiction” have made him a viral sensation with millions of views worldwide.  The Ghan Remix is mix of found sounds and visions from a journey on Australia’s transcontinental Great Southern Railway route called the Ghan.  The sequencing of the moments are musical, somewhat dizzying and very fun…. and I have no idea what the people in the video are “auto-tuned” to sing but it sounds pretty good.

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