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Lomography Store L.A. closing, Nikon COOLPIX A, Vine, and USB

Lomography Store L.A. closing, Nikon COOLPIX A, Vine, and USB

Lomography Store L.A. – After a three-year run, the Lomography Store in Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood is closing Sunday. It will be a sad day for those who enjoy shooting film locally and using the unique-style cameras. The Lomography stores are a mecca for film shooters, featuring an incredible array of Lomo plastic cameras along with Diana, Holga, Fisheye, La Sardina, Sprocket Rocket and Spinner varieties. The stores also provide a wide range of photo-related meet-ups and seminars. The Lomography cameras are still available at some local locations including: Samy’s Camera, Ritz Camera, and The Getty Store. Cameras and supplies are also available online at the Lomography website. They have gallery stores open in San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

More Lomography – The new Lomography Smartphone Scanner is now available for $69 online and at their retail locations. This is a cool device for those looking for a portable way to quickly scan film images into their smartphone. With the available iPhone or Android Lomoscanner App, you can easily scan 35mm negatives, black-and-white film and slides for editing, archiving or sharing. Options include stitching photographs together. Also, they are promoting Film Photography Day on April 12.

Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub – I never seem to have enough powered USB ports available for my computer, so when I got a press release for the Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub, it seemed to be the perfect solution. I have tried a variety of powered hubs, but with little success. This was my quickest click to Amazon for a buy from a press release. I may even clean my desk to make it fit. This hub has lots of cool lights, switches, ports and power. I have an endless supply of power-hungry USB devices from my iPad, hard drives, and Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. I was reluctant to buy until I found a USB 3.0 hub that seemed worthy.

Vine – I can be talked into trying any iPhone app, and Vine is no exception. Who doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of the video world? This app is perfect for my short attention span since the videos are only seven seconds long. It’s not a lot of time to tell your story. You are allowed to stop and start by touch or by removing your finger from the screen. When you explore other people’s videos, you get pretty much what you would expect: super creative to pretty darn mediocre fare. My first and only attempt is my dog rolling over. There’s a lot of pressure trying to be creative. Also, it’s  pretty quiet over here using the Vine video app with no followers. Maybe I should stick with Twitter, I have almost 3,000 more followers.

Nikon COOLPIX A – Nikon recently entered the high-quality compact camera arena with its COOLPIX A priced at $1,099.95. This is certainly a specialized camera since it features a fixed 18.5mm (28 mm equivalent to a 35mm format) lens. It’s amazing a camera in such a small package could have such quality. It features a Nikon DX-format D-SLR size 16.2 MP CMOS sensor.  You’re never going to match this kind of quality with your cheap point-and-shoot or cellphone. Because of the design problems of putting this DSLR quality into a small package, you’re going to deal with the lens fixed at one focal length. This would be a problem for me as I really need a compact camera to be a little more versatile with a great lens choice, especially when I travel. I am still holding strong with my Canon S95 with its 3.8X zoom (28 to 105 mm 35 equivalent) lens. I haven’t been tempted enough to upgrade to a newer, more expensive travel camera, but it’s only a matter of time.

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  1. March 21, 2013, 8:11 am

    Loving the new Satechi! Felt the same way and clicked about as fast.

  2. March 21, 2013, 8:12 pm

    Bummer about the Lomography store. I used to go there all the time. Since I moved to flyover country, I found a great resource online: They even have the iPhone film scanner!


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