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1944 Third Street repaving

1944 Third Street repaving

March 29, 1944: Repaving of Third Street from west portal of the Third Street tunnel to Figueroa is nearing completion.

A short story in the April 2, 1944, Los Angeles Times reported:

One of the largest downtown street-improvements programs in recent years, also notable because of being carried through despite wartime difficulties, is nearing completion with the repaving of Third Street from the west portal of the Third Street tunnel to Figueroa Street, a distance of two blocks.

This paving job is the final portion in the program that, too, included the recently finished resurfacing of the tunnel route. The project involved removal of the unused car tracks between Flower and Figueroa streets that had been acquired by the city….

The Hill-Figueroa span is one of the most heavily traversed in the city and the new surfacing is expected to expediate traffic there and greatly please thousands of automobile drivers.

This photo by former staff photographer Frank Q. Brown was published in the April 2, 1944, Los Angeles Times.

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  1. September 10, 2014, 5:43 pm

    OMG, roads actually being paved in L.A.! Of course, the above photo is probably the LAST time from when that road was paved!

    By: Alma

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