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'Los Angeles City Limits' in Japan

‘Los Angeles City Limits’ in Japan

September 1951: Brig. Gen. Homer O. Eaton, assistant commander of Los Angeles’ 40th Division, left, puts up a “Los Angeles City Limits” sign that had disappeared. Pfc. Moses T. Rojas takes down a temporary facsimile at Camp Schimmelpfennig, Japan.

This recent From The Archive post “B-17 Los Angeles City Limits” highlighted the World War II tradition of military personnel from Southern California posting signs “Los Angeles City Limits” at many overseas bases. In addition, at least four aircraft were also nicknamed “Los Angeles City Limits.”

Members of the 40th Division continued the tradition in the Korean War. When this Associated Press photo was published in the Sept. 23, 1951, Los Angeles Times, the caption reported that this “Los Angeles city limit sign, found in a rice paddy after mysterious disappearance, is replaced at entrance to Camp Schimmelpfennig, Japan.”

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