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Drifting the streets of Long Beach

To “drift” is to literally slide out of a turn; the vehicle is actually careening out of the race line. In other words, drifting is sliding the car on purpose, loosening up traction and throwing the car out of control.   Drifting is controlled chaos, a dance of the throttle, brakes and steering, so practiced and choreographed that reactions are at the speed of thought, muscle memory navigating thousands of pounds of steel in a sort of asphalt acrobatics.  Ten years of driving experience are focused down to a few quick turns, where style and car control are more important than crossing the finish line first.

So how do we capture this dance of steel across asphalt? By covering it from multiple angles with multiple GoPro cameras. GoPros are small, handheld video cameras, light enough to record from about any vantage point and they do it in high definition as well. Cameras were mounted in the cockpit, on top of the car, bumper and wherever else we felt might show a glimpse of what it takes to pilot the 845-horsepower Monster Energy Nitto Tire 2014 Ford.

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