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Jimmy Stewart wedding

Jimmy Stewart wedding

Aug. 9, 1949: After their wedding, actor Jimmy Stewart and his new wife, Gloria Hatrick McLean, leave Brentwood Presbyterian Church.

The Los Angeles Times reported the next morning:

The Rev. Dean Osterberg officiated at the single-ring rites which were witnessed only by members of the both families and a few intimate friends….

The bride was given away by her brother-in-law, Gregg Draddy of New York. Mrs. Draddy was her sister’s only attendant. Bill Grady, MGM talent director, credited with “discovering” Stewart, was best man….

Among the approximately 50 guests who watched the ceremony inside the church were Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, David Niven, Dorothy McGuire, Ann Southern, Mary Livingstone, Frank Morgan, George Murphy and Mrs. Van Johnson.

Outside, the small church was virtually ringed by a throng of about 500 persons who shrieked and ohed in the same manner as fans at a Hollywood premiere when the film celebrities entered the church.

Los Angeles Times staff photographer Al Humphreys covered the wedding. Two of his photos accompanied the above-quoted story in the Aug. 10, 1949, Los Angeles Times. This image was not published with the story.

In an era of 4-by-5-inch sheet film and Speed Graphic cameras, the photographer got only one chance at each moment. During the media crush outside the church, another photographer got in Humphreys’ way when he took this image. On the back of the print Humphreys wrote on his caption sheet:

Smiling happily, Jimmy Stewart and his new bride leave the church after the wedding ceremony. Photog in foreground is goddam MGM man, the s.o.b.

The photo appears in the 1999 Los Angeles Times book “High Exposure: Hollywood Lives – Found Photos from the Archives of the Los Angeles Times.”

Aug. 9, 1949: Caption sheet by staff photographer Al “Red” Humphreys on the back of print. The stamped date is the date of publication. The reporter is Ed Meagher, who probably wrote the story quoted above. Credit: Scott Harrison/Los Angeles Times


  1. April 23, 2013, 9:09 am

    Love the photo, but love the caption sheet even more!
    It'd be nice to have Ed Meagher's entire story as it was printed instead of just an excerpt.

    By: tygerstripes
  2. April 24, 2013, 8:29 pm

    Nitpick: It's Ann Sothern, not Southern. I was a big fan of her. And, of course, a huge fan of Jimmy Stewart.

    By: Jerome

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