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1911 streetcar congestion

1911 streetcar congestion

October 1911: Main Street north of the Pacific Electric Building is congested with streetcars, pedestrians and vehicles.

This photo was published in the Oct. 3, 1911, Los Angeles Times accompanying a story that began:

Congested trolley traffic on Main street is an acute disease, according to the diagnosis of Bion J. Arnond, “doctor of sick railways,” of Chicago, which is costing Los Angeles an amazing amount of time and money–for time in busy Los Angeles is worth much. Besides its exasperating effect on the nerves, congestion is rapidly affecting the region of the heart of Los Angeles by clogging other traffic. Arnold’s proposed remedy is the use of San Pedro street from Seventh to Aliso street.

When published in 1911, this photo was cropped to a tight vertical. The thick black lines indicate the crop.

A pioneer mass transportation expert,  Arnold helped develop railways in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and New York.

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