The Rolling Stones’ Tour of the Americas ’75 at the Forum

The Rolling Stones’ Tour of the Americas ’75 stopped at the Forum in Inglewood for five days, July 9-13th.

Pop music critic Robert Hilburn began his July 15, 1975, Los Angeles Times column:

If “Honk Tonk Women” and Midnight Rambler” emerged as the respective anthems on the Rolling Stones’ 1969 and 1972 U.S. tours, “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” best exemplifies the spirit of the group’s current tour. The song, which comes exactly at the midpoint to the band’s two-hour-20-minute show, best points out the celebrative, festive atmosphere that surrounds the Stones in concert these days.

Not only does Mick Jagger invite the audience to sing along during the song, but the lighting – a series of searchlights that crisscross the arena in a way reminiscent of a gala movie premiere – underscores the “entertainment” tone of the Stones’ concert. As previously noted (in a July 11, 1975 column), the mysterious even occasionally satanic undercurrents from past Stones tours have disappeared. The emphasis now, strictly, is on fun and, of course, music. And it is deliberate.

The staging – a flower-like design with six petals or points that reach out into the audience to make the band more physically accessible than in the past – was aimed at bringing the Stones and its audience closer together.

Research in the Los Angeles Times archives revealed that at least two Stones performances were documented by Times photographers. Staffer Kathleen Ballard covered the July 9 performance. Tony Barnard covered the July 13 show. The exact performance date for several of the images in this gallery is unknown.

All the images in this gallery were recently scanned from the original 35-millimeter Tri-X black and white negatives.

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Los Angeles Times Photo department assignment for Wednesday, July 9, 1975, Rolling Stones Concert at the Forum. Kathy Ballard was assigned. Phone number has been blurred.