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Fighters from the Free Syrian Army in Sakba, on the outskirts of Damascus, Jan. 27, 2012. Tomás Munita, Chile – First place, "News (series)."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Tomás Munita / For the New York Times

Valerio Bispuri, Italy/Argentina. This image is part of a story that won first place in the category "Living With Drugs in Latin America."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Valerio Bispuri

Medics unsuccessfully attempt to keep a rebel fighter alive after he was shot during a street battle against loyalists to Moammar Kadafi for the city of Sirte, Libya, on Oct. 13, 2011. Mauricio Lima, Brazil – Second place, "Photographer of the Year."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mauricio Lima / For the New York Times

A security team guards a Mexican family from an adjacent car. As a result of Mexico's increasing violence, many of the country's elite are taking protection into their own hands by hiring private security. Janet Jarmin, United States/Mexico – First place, "Nuestra Mirada, the Middle Class."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Janet Jarman / Published in the New York Times

Enrique Rashide Serrato Frias, Mexico –€“ First place, "Between the real and Imaginary."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Enrique Rashide Serrato Frias

Aspiring boxers train at a gymnasium under the Alcantara Machado viaduct in the Mooca neighborhood of Sao Paulo, March 28, 2011. Nacho Doce, Spain – First place, "Sports (series)."


Fermin Peña attempts to repair a broken pipe underwater in Caracas, Venezuela, Sept. 26, 2012. Rodrigo Abd, Argentina – Second place, "Daily Life (single)."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rodrigo Abd / Associated Press

Edison Caballero, Mexico –€“ First place, "Everyday Life (series)."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Edson Caballero

Members of Mexico's synchronized swimming team practice at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, October 19, 2011. Jorge Silva, Mexico – First place, "Sports (individual)."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jorge Silva / Reuters

Sub Cooperativa de Fotógrafos, Argentina – Second place, "Nuestra Mirada, the Middle Class."

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sub Cooperativa de Fotógrafos

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Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest winners announced

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Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest winners announced

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Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest winners announced

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Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest winners announced

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Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest winners announced

Photographers from Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil were among the winners in the Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest, with Chilean photographer Tomas Munita taking the top honors as Latin American Photographer of the Year.

The competition, which wrapped up April 12, drew submissions from more than 1,300 photographers from Ibero-American countries, Spain and Portugal. They presented more than 30,000 images, multimedia stories and photographic books in 19 categories, according to the event’s co-founder and director Loup Langton. Their submissions had to be work produced in 2011 and 2012.

The Nuestra Mirada network of photojournalists and Pictures of the Year International jointly organized the competition, which is in its third year and seeks to “promote and advance” Latin American photojournalists, organizers said.

Contestants were judged in several categories including News, Portraits, Sports, Drugs, the Environment and Everyday Life.

American photographer Mary Ellen Mark and Pascal Maitre of France were among a jury of six international photographers and editors, who gathered in Fortaleza, Brazil, to select the winners during discussions that were streamed live online and engaged audiences from across the globe.

Munita’s winning photo featured fighters from the Free Syrian Army on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, in January 2012. They are masked and seated inside a vehicle, their weapons poised. One of the judges commended Munita’s ability to capture intensity through simplicity, Langton said.

Among the other winners were those in three special categories. The Nuestra Mirada Award for documenting the Middle Class went to Janet Jarman representing the United States/Mexico. The Carolina Hidalgo Vivar Award for portraying the Human Landscape was won by Alberto Cesar Araujo of Brazil. Stephen Ferry of the United States/Colombia took the top prize for the Best Photojournalism Book.

Langton, a veteran photojournalist and professor, founded the Latin American photography competition together with Ecuadorean photojournalist and lawyer Pablo Corral Vega.

“We’ve been working for 20 years to raise the profile of Latin American photographers as well as promote more of an opportunity for them to feel a sense of community,” Langton said.

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