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Father's Day photography gift ideas 2013

Father’s Day photography gift ideas 2013

Ah, Father’s Day, certainly one of my favorite holidays. The day when last-minute gifts are given; socks, ties, coupon books filled with empty promises to do yardwork, give a back rub, wash your car …don’t let this happen to you! Be prepared with a wish list that will give your family an idea of a great gift for you on something that maybe you wouldn’t splurge on for yourself. You’re a great dad; you deserve a special gift this year. Here are a few suggestions to help kick-start your wish list:
contour250pxContourROAM 2 —Nothing seems to be hotter right now than the action sports cameras. It’s a perfect gift for a dad who enjoys photographing fast action sports or activities. I like this version because of the low $199 price and that it can be used underwater up to one meter without a waterproof case. Using a waterproof case is just one extra inconvenience. The stats on this camera include: 1080p HD at 30/25 fps, 960p at 30/25 fps, 720p at 60/50 or 30/25 fps and the photo time-lapse rate at 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. A key feature of the Contours cameras is the rotating 270-degree lens, which allows you to mount the camera at a convenient angle, and laser light alignment. The Contour+2 is also available for $399 with a waterproof case, a higher frame rate and mobile connectivity. lowepro1-175px

Lowepro All-Weather Photo Sport Pro 30L AW backpack — I need to get out for some hiking and photography. The Lowepro All-Weather Photo Sport Pro 30L AW backpack is perfect for the dad who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for a lightweight backpack for a camera and hiking and camping essentials. This might be better for me next year when I get in a little better shapeopti250px and take that trip I’ve been planning to Yosemite.

Optrix XD5 iPhone Case — Another great Father’s Day gift for an active sports-minded dad if you own an iPhone. This case turns your iPhone into an action camera with a three-element glass lens to increase the view to 170 degrees. It has waterproof housing to 33 feet and lots of protection with the rugged look and feel of the case. It does seem to be pretty tough, as it’s dropped from a second-story window and run over by a truck in a YouTube video. Don’t try this at home, it may void your warranty. Also available are an array of mounts to attach to your camera, to helmets, handlebars, boats, cars and anything else you can think of.

MoGoPod v2.0  — This new monopod by Carry Speed is one of the most unusual items on my list. It features auto-telescoping sections that lock with a twist. It makes for a fast and easy set-up. It’s a new twist on the monopod, with its bright colors and snappy opening.

optimount250pxOptimount Kit — The Optimount kit from Trek-Tech features a small clamp and a mini-ball head with a quick release rare-earth magnet to hold things secure, which can also be clamped to a tripod leg or handlebar to hold a flash, light camera or other accessory. It is priced at $39.99.

SpyderCHECKR_PRO_190pxSpyderCHECKR PRO — If you need a gift for the technical dad who wants to keep photo color calibration in check, the SpyderCHECKR PRO might be a nice choice. This features a combination of a color reference and gray cards and the SpyderCUBE. This set helps the photographer with precise color and exposure analysis from image to computer. It’s priced at $179.

tether250pxLook Lock System — The Tether Tool, Look Lock System is used to hold your smartphone above your DSLR, to be used as a secondary camera to shoot video while taking stills or to gain the attention of your subject. It also could be used like a teleprompter. It attaches to the camera’s hot shoe. Priced at $74.95 or $79.95, depending on the size of the articulating arm.

ipadbook175pxiPad for Digital Photographers — The book by Derrick Story priced around $15 is the perfect choice for the iPad-toting dad who is interested in photography. It seems as if everyone wants to ditch their laptop in favor of the lighter tablets. The book is available in traditional soft cover and Kindle versions and has chapters that include: Adding Pictures to Your iPad, Editing Your Photos, Transferring from the iPad to a Computer and Presenting Your Mobile Portfolio.

case190pxGIZMON Camera Design Case Cover For Apple iPhone5 — Who doesn’t need an iPhone case that sort of resembles an old-school Leica? Add the case and strap and it looks as if you’re carrying a real camera.  This is great for the dad who just wants to look cool while shooting iPhone photos. Maybe it’s better to get a real camera. This GIZMON iCA5 Case & Strap is perfect for those who want the feel of carrying and shooting a transitional-style camera with their iPhone.
card175Transend 32 GB SD Card — Everyone seems to need extra SD cards for their still and video cameras. They just keep getting cheaper, and I’m glad because photo file sizes just keep getting bigger. The cards are price around $32.

g-mini2501 TB G-DRIVE Mini Hard Driv— I never seem to have enough storage or hard-drive space. This compact-sized sleek silver design from G-Technology features USB 3.0 and FireWire for versatility, has storage capacities, and should handle most video needs. The G-DRIVE 1 TB, which is quiet, has heat-sink superior cooling and an all-aluminum case and is priced around $200.

manfrotto250 Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod Bundle — This is my favorite tripod selection, priced at about $300. It features the Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact Ball Head & Quick Release Plate. It’s a medium- sized tripod that should handle most photography needs. Of course, if you can spend more money and need something lighter, you could look at the carbon fiber versions, which are much lighter.

Have a great holiday.

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