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1910 police inspection tour

1910 police inspection tour

When this photo was published in the Jan. 3, 1950 Los Angeles Times Mid-Winter edition, the caption reported:

In 1910, seated in car in front of the Central Division police headquarters are, second from left, in uniform, Lt. (later Chief) Charles Sebastian; fourth from left, in derby hat, Police Chief Galloway; fifth, in uniform, Capt. Hensley of Eastside Stockade; second from right, white hat, Sheriff William Hammel. They are on inspection tour.

Los Angeles Police Chief Alexander Galloway served from Feb. 14, 1910 to Dec. 27, 1910. Chief Charles Sebastian replaced Galloway and served from Jan. 3, 1911 to July 16, 1915.

Los Angeles County Sheriff William Hammel served from 1907-1914. He had also served an earlier term from 1899-1902.

Others in the car were not identified.

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  1. June 13, 2013, 11:22 am

    Quite the attire. The VIP's in the car are, well, very finely dressed but look at the folks in the background. All of them are wearing nice hats including the young man with the jockey cap. It's a wonderful time capsule shot. Thanks.

    By: greytv

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