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Rochi Leon, a photography student at the Centro de la Imagen, documented a community pool in Lima, where a lone swimmer finds a moment of quiet.


A family takes a break poolside. For many in Lima there are precious few places where they can escape the chaos of the city.


Rochi Leon captures a whimsical moment at one of the city's pools.


A community pool in Lima provides a respite from heat and pavement for many in the city.


Jose Lara Aragon made an intimate study of his father, a newspaper vendor, during a day on the job. Aragon is a successful wedding photographer and turned his talents to street photography as part of the workshop.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jose Lara Aragon

Sebastian Enriquez, a Peruvian freelance photographer, spent time at a boxing academy for youths in the port city of Callao.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sebastian Enriquez

Young boxers joke with each other during training in the port city of Callao.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sebastian Enriquez

Young boxers prepare for a fight in the port city of Callao.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sebastian Enriquez

A doctor checks out the health of a young boxer prior to a bout in the port city of Callao.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sebastian Enriquez

A young boxer walks out of the ring after a fight.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sebastian Enriquez

Christian Ugarte, a photographer with Lima's largest daily newspaper, El Comercio, spent time in the underworld of "gentlemen's bars," in some of Lima's most dangerous neighborhoods. He worked with a small point and shoot camera to avoid attention.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Christian Ugarte

Miguel Bellido, a newspaper photographer in Lima, told the story of a man struggling with lung cancer.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Miguel Bellido

The cancer patient lives in an impoverished are in the north part of Lima.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Miguel Bellido

Ernesto Arias is a newspaper photographer who focuses mainly on sports. As part of the workshop he was encouraged to find a different topic, so he produced a series of photographs of blind children attending a school in Lima.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ernesto Arias

Ernesto Arias was successful at capturing moments among his subjects, students at a school for the blind in Lima.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ernesto Arias

Daphne Carlos photographed an impoverished family that lives and works in a marketplace in the center of Lima.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Daphne Carlos

Chores are part of the daily life of a family that Daphne Carlos photographed in a market area of central Lima.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Daphne Carlos

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Documenting stories of Lima, Peru, in photographs

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Documenting stories of Lima, Peru, in photographs

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Documenting stories of Lima, Peru, in photographs

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Documenting stories of Lima, Peru, in photographs

Michael Robinson Chavez, Los Angeles Times

Peru is the reason I became a photographer. It was 1988, and a friend had given me a camera and the manual on how to use it. I arrived in a country in the midst of a civil war and mired in chaos. I was hooked; the images and the power of the place seduced me.

Last May I had the opportunity to teach a workshop to 15 aspiring Peruvian photographers at the Centro de la Imagen in the capital, Lima. We spent six intense days poring over photographs, talking about the future of the business and pushing their visions and ability to tell stories using images.

The assignment was to shoot a “story,” a series of pictures that when put together would create a linear narrative with a beginning and an end. Lima is a massive city and full of powerful imagery and stories; it is loud, chaotic and edgy.

The students brought back the experiences of a tiny fraction of the city’s 10 million-plus population. The variety was incredible: a man battling cancer, a newspaper vendor working the overnight shift in the city center, the dark corners of the city’s nightclubs and bordellos, the joy of swimming in the massive community pools and young boxers in the tough port district of Callao.

Most satisfying to me was seeing the photographers push themselves out of their comfort zones and take risks with their use of light, lenses and composition. Jose Aragon, an accomplished wedding photographer, used his skills in capturing emotional moments — on the streets instead of at receptions. Rochi Leon, who excels at beautiful still life images, made photographs of the kinetic energy found in Lima’s community swimming pools.

The country is going through massive changes with a booming economy, and I am confident that this group of photographers can help document the changes for all of us to see.

The gallery above represents a selection of the student work.

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    Thanks for loving us!
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    We all hope that the growing economy will help us attain a better culture and a thoughtful caring society!
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