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More cameramen than guests at Power's 1939 wedding

More cameramen than guests at Power’s 1939 wedding

April 23, 1939: Los Angeles photographers take aim at Tyrone Power and Annabella, his bride, following their wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. In the wedding party are, left to right, best man Don Ameche, Power, Anabella and maid of honor Pat Paterson.

The above photo was published in the April 24, 1939 Los Angeles Times with the headline “More Cameramen Than Guests at Power Wedding.”

Writer James E. Bassett reported in the April 24, 1939 Los Angeles Times on the celebrity wedding:


The studio press agent thrust a forefinger to his lips and pointed manfully toward the double sliding doors in the low-raftered room.

“It’s started.”

That was yesterday at 11 a.m. precisely.

Beyond the closed portals two of filmdom’s luminaries Tryone Power, 24, a comely dark-haired, dark-jawed actor who had run the gamut of screen portrayals from Jesse James to Ferdinand de Lesseps, was marrying Annabella-Suzanne Georgette Charpentier – 25, bobbled-haired, and a star in her own right.

As Hollywood weddings go, it was pretty private. Actor Don Ameche, who has played the man-who-lost-the-girl in several films with Power, was best man. Mrs. Charles Boyer (Pat Paterson) was maid of honor.

Superior Judge William J. Pamer did a quiet job on the nuptial ceremony. And Mrs. Patia Power, the bridegroom’s mother views the scene dry-eyed.

Not a photographer, not a single Hollywood columnist, not a reporter edged past the closed doors in Annabella’s Spanish home in Bel-Air during the reading of the vows….

At 11:10 a.m. Mrs. Fernande Chatain, Annabella’s secretary, appeared down a long corridor.

“Well,” she announced, “it’s done.”…

When the toasts had been drunk, 13 photographers swept into the living room. They immediately fell victim to that mass pictorial hysteria which grips lensmen on such occasions as these. Within 15 minutes they had snapped approximately 200 flashlight pictures at an estimated cost of $150…

The Power-Annabella marriage ended in a 1948 divorce. For more check out this article Tyrone Power at the Los Angeles Times Hollywood Star Walk.

The photo above, by staff photographer Maurice Terrell, appears to be an after-wedding outdoor portrait photo opportunity following the living room photo session described in the Los Angeles Times story.

April 18, 1939: Tyrone Power and Annabella fill out their application for marriage license. This photo was published in the April 19, 1939 Los Angeles Times. Part of the background was painted white to improve reproduction. Credit: Howard Finley/Los Angeles Times

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