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Filming car chase in Los Angeles River

Filming car chase in Los Angeles River

September 1974: A car chase scene for the “Cannon” television show is filmed in the Los Angeles River under the 6th Street bridge.

In an article on Sept. 23, 1974, Los Angeles Times staff writer Steve Harvey described the L.A. River:

In the land of freeways, it fits perfectly.

For most of its journey, it has concrete walls and a concrete floor with a narrow channel running down the middle. The shiny stuff in the channel is water–seldom more than a foot deep.

A yearbook from the Glendale High School’s class of 1928 contains the inscription: “Yours until the Los Angeles River wets its bed.”

The Los Angeles River–the city’s oldest joke.

This photo by former staff photographer Bruce Cox accompanied Harvey’s story in the Sept. 23, 1974 Los Angeles Times.

On YouTube is this Car Chase On The LA River! from a different episode of “Cannon,” in 1972.

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