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Abraham Lincoln overlooking the Los Angeles River

Abraham Lincoln overlooking the Los Angeles River

July 1956: A replica of the Lincoln Memorial sits on the edge of the Los Angeles River in Studio City.

This photo, part of a Know Your City series, was published in the July 16, 1956, Los Angeles Times:

KNOW YOUR CITY. NO. 241–You will never guess what or where this is. It certainly is not the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. It’s in city limits. Could not pass up this majestic dignity amid the rubble. See Page 23, Part 1.

From page 23:


This replica of the great Lincoln Memorial statue, the figure gazing pensively at the flood-channel Los Angeles River, sits strikingly among other castoff properties behind Republic studios out on Ventura. Blvd. The photo was made from the new Colfax Ave. bridge.

The image above is a deep crop from the original 4-by-5-inch negative – shown below. When properly exposed and processed, the high quality of 4-by-5 inch-film allowed such crops.

July 1956: Cast-off props, including a replica of the Lincoln Memorial, on back lot of Republic Pictures film studio along the Los Angeles River flood channel. Credit: Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive/UCLA

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