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1980 Century City smog

1980 Century City smog

Oct. 1, 1980: The towers of Century City peek through the murk at 4:15 p.m. in aerial photo looking toward the northwest.

Staff writer Ted Thackrey Jr. reported in the next morning’s Los Angeles Times:

Smog set a new record for the year in Southern California Wednesday, but the Air Quality Management District said it could have been a lot worse.

The smoggiest place in the South Coast Air Basin, an AQMD spokesman said, was Pasadena, where the ozone level rose to .42 parts per million at 2 p.m.

That was a notch above the year’s previous record of .41 ppm set Tuesday in Azusa.

There also was another second-stage episode in the Fontana area later in the day.

Still these episodes were the only ones.

“And that’s a lot better than we expected,” said the AQMD’s Glen Wyler. “Earlier in the day we had been looking for a whole series of second-stages – and they just didn’t materialize.

There were seven first-stage alerts, however, and unhealthful air quality was predicted for every part of the air basin today, with the worse problems expected in the San Gabriel-Pomona and San Fernando-Santa Clarita valleys.

First-stage alerts are called when pollution levels rise above .20 ppm; second-stage alerts begin at .35 ppm, and the third-stage episodes – almost unheard of in recent years – begin at .50ppm…

Wednesday smog, bad as it was, did not compare to the .68 ppm all-time-record reading set in Central Los Angeles in 1955.

This photo by former staff photographer George Rose was published on Page One of the Oct. 2, 1980, Los Angeles Times.

Writer Julie Cart in this June 5, 2013, article wrote that Despite more people and more cars, California’s smog is in retreat.

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  1. September 8, 2014, 1:58 am

    Still smog today!

    By: Alma

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