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Hot dogs

Hot dogs

June 21, 1989: Danny Robertson of Santa Monica cools his dog Marilyn during a heat wave. Credit: Steve Dykes/Los Angeles Times

Here are three hot dogs cooling off during hot weather.


— Scott

Sept. 24, 1975: The gloom of oppressive heat is lifted a bit for Penny, a St. Bernard who finds plenty of water from fire hoses at the scene of a house fire on High Ridge Drive in West Los Angeles. Temperatures were over 100 degrees. This photo was published in the Sept. 25, 1975, Los Angeles Times. Credit: George Fry/Los Angeles Times

Aug. 22, 1973: Cocoa, a 3-year-old English pointer belonging to Eve Kroeger of Los Angeles, cools off after a run in Elysian Park. This photo was published in the Aug. 22, 1973, Los Angeles Times late final (afternoon) edition. Credit: Cal Montney/Los Angeles Times

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