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Great White shark caught off Catalina

Great White shark caught off Catalina

Aug. 20, 1976: The teeth of a 15-foot great white shark harpooned 10 miles off coast of Santa Catalina Island are displayed by Jay Langham, left, and Hugh Innes-Brown at San Pedro.

Times staff writer Steve Harvey reported in the Aug. 20, 1976, Los Angeles Times late edition:

A great white shark measuring about 15 feet in length was hauled into San Pedro by two fishermen earlier today, almost 36 hours after it was harpooned 10 miles off the coast of Catalina.

“I’m taking the rest of the day off,” said a weary Jay Langham, the skipper of the 38-foot Dawn Renee.

Langham said the shark was harpooned Wednesday afternoon by another boat, the Fortuna.

“It went sort of crazy and dove for the bottom, carrying two floats and 500 feet of line with it,” he said.

“The Fortuna cut loose the line and said we could have the fish. I think they figured their boat was too small.”

Langham did not see the fish again until late Thursday morning, when it was spotted floated dead about six miles from where it was harpooned.

Langham, 30, said he and his only crewman, Hugh Innes-Brown, 29, spent more than two hours lifting the fish onto the boon and tying it down.

“We dragged it into Catalina harbor and some people on shore helped lift it part way onto the stern of the ship,” he said. “Then we went around to the isthmus and a crane lifted it all the way aboard last (Thursday) night.”

It was the fourth great white shark caught off Southern California in the last two months. In late June, three were captured within a four-day period near Carlsbad.

This photo by retired staff photographer Art Rogers accompanied Harvey’s story. The photo was also published as stand-alone art in the Aug. 21, 1976, Los Angeles Times home edition.

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