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Cement facial at Grauman's Theatre

Cement facial at Grauman’s Theatre

Nov. 1, 1962: Actor Kirk Douglas gives Ken Murray a cement facial after putting his hand prints into concrete at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Writer Art Ryon reported in the Nov. 2, 1962 Los Angeles Times:

It was back to the “good old days” Thursday night for Hollywood.

Old-fashioned publicity was in full sway and a goodly crowd turned out for a “footprint reunion” and to see Kirk Douglas become the 137th film star to put his footprints, handprints, and signature in a square of concrete at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

There were at least 1,000 fans roped off in the forecourt while the stars sipped cocktails down on the stage of the eerily-lighted theater — spooky with all those empty seats.

When the cocktail glasses were finally drained, Douglas went out to make his impressions, but 1,000 of the Faithful couldn’t see a thing.

Photographers and the other stars formed such a cordon around him that those who had been waiting for hours for a glimpse of the glamour actually booed.

Other stars present included Jeanne Crain, Jane Withers, Donald O’Connor, Jack Oakie, Ken Murray (there as an amateur photographer, not a guest), Jackie Cooper and Bud Abbott…

And there were cops and Kleig lights and Rolls Royces and ropes and autograph hounds and gawkers in the parking lot to watch the stars get their cars and go whirling off to parties and — well, it was all very Hollywood.

This photo by former staff photographer Al Monteverde was published in the Nov. 2, 1962, Los Angeles Times. When published, some of the faces in the upper left were blacked out by a Los Angeles Times artist.

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  1. September 7, 2014, 8:39 pm

    Ken Murray with his everpresent movie camera!! His series of Hollywood home movies that were compiled into films and have been shown on TCM are classic.

    By: Alma

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