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Army Pfc. Bradley Manning arrives alongside military officials at a military court to hear his sentence in the WikiLeaks case. Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking a vast trove of classified U.S. military and diplomatic materials to the anti-secrecy group in 2010.


This image provided by the media office of Douma City, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other Associated Press reporting, shows a Syrian man mourning over a body after what rebel activists say was a poisonous gas attack launched by regime forces.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Associated Press

A firefighter sprays water onto a wildfire in central Portugal.


At a protest against Russia's crackdown on public support for gay rights, a demonstrator's T-shirt bears an unusual image of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


A Soviet army monument was painted pink by vandals to mark the 45th anniversary of the Soviet bloc's invasion of Czechoslovakia. The inscription in Bulgarian and Czech reads "Bulgaria apologizes." Bulgaria, a longtime ally of the Soviet Union, was the first country to insist on the invasion -- aimed at crushing the freedom movement known as the Prague Spring -- and the last one to formally apologize for its participation.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Valentina Petrova / Associated Press

Taylor Swift plays the first of four sold-out shows at Staples Center.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

Tourists and employees of a hotel are evacuated after a strong earthquake, which initial estimates indicated was magnitude 6.1, shook the city.


The Humboldt hotel, a landmark in the capital city, stands shrouded in fog.


Police detain an elderly demonstrator outside the Intermediate People's Court, where Bo Xilai, a former government leader, will soon go on trial on corruption charges.


Residents, affected by floods related to Tropical Storm Trami, jostle for position while seeking relief goods. Trami is blamed for eight deaths.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Aaron Favila / Associated Press

An aerial view shows Yuhong village, in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, almost swallowed by flooding. About 170 people have been reported killed during the floods.


Tourists have their pictures taken in front of a large outdoor banner showing what Hong Kong looks like when there's no smog. Hong Kong's air pollution index has hit the "very high" level in recent days.


Gregory Joseph Curry, a Canadian who's wanted by the FBI in connection with stock fraud, covers his face while in court.


A Parma wallaby cub named E.T. is fed while resting in a substitute pouch. A private breeder plans to raise the little marsupial, which was rejected by its mother.


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Pictures in the News | August 21, 2013

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who released more than 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks,  was sentenced to 35 years in prison by a judge in Maryland, where we begin Wednesday’s Pictures in the News. The sentencing ends a summer-long court-martial in which Manning, 25,  was found guilty of  violating the Espionage Act and mishandling classified material but acquitted of a more serious charge of aiding the enemy. More photos

Also in today’s roundup:

Douma, Syria: Syrian opposition activists accuse the government of killing scores of civilians, including women and children,  in a poison-gas assault on rebel strongholds.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Vladimir Putin wearing rouge and lipstick? That’s the image seen on a T-shirt worn by a demonstrator taking part in a protest against the new Russian law on homosexuality.

Los Angeles: Taylor Swift performs at Staples Center.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Vandals painted an army monument pink in remembrance of the crackdown — which began 45 years ago today — on Czechoslovakia’s Prague Spring.

Klingelbach, Germany: Today’s “too cute” moment delivers an extreme close-up of a tiny baby wallaby being fed from a bottle.

Other images show worried hotel evacuees after an earthquake in Mexico City, a remarkable aerial look at a village inundated by flooding in China, and how tourists in Hong Kong cope with smog, so please take a look.

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