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American Airline Douglas DST on Wilshire

American Airline Douglas DST on Wilshire

March 1937: American Airline Douglas DST fuselage is towed down Wilshire Boulevard, right past a Union Pacific billboard.

A story in the March 10, 1937 Los Angeles Times reported on the airplane’s move:

“Oh!” moaned the slightly inebriated gentleman, “What a terrible, terrible wreck!”

Standing on a busy corner on Wilshire Boulevard, he stared bug-eyed at the huge air liner which stood–intact–on the lawn of the Ambassador.

But it wasn’t a wreck at all.

Twelve tons of American Airlines sleeper, veteran of 300,000 miles of transcontinental flying and the world’s largest commercial land plane, had been trucked painstakingly from its Santa Monica factory in the wee hours of the morning.

By yesterday mechanics had reassembled the 100-foot wings of the sky giant. The motors were in place. And not a curtain was disarranged.

Under auspices of the Red Cross and American Airlines, the Douglas DST will remain open to public view until March 18. Beginning tomorrow sightseers will be permitted to inspect the interior of the transport.

All proceeds will go to the Red Cross Midwest flood relief fund.

Air lines officials said this is the first time a twelve-ton liner had been carted through busy city streets and mounted on a lawn. Complete to the last detail, the ship contains the latest radio directional compass, deicing equipment, 1000-horsepower engines and sleeper berths.

The DST stood for Douglas Sleeper Transport. A different 21-passenger seat version of the DST was designated as the famous DC-3.

This photo was not published with the story quoted above.

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  1. August 30, 2013, 10:40 am

    Kind of an eerie photo with the plane fading into the U.P. sign background.


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