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Vogue magazine's first Instagram photo shoot

Vogue magazine’s first Instagram photo shoot

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  Mostly love. This instance falls into the love category.

It seems monumental when fashion giant Vogue hires a photographer, in this case Michael O’Neal, to do an entire photo session using an iPhone and Instagram.  The world of photography is definitely changing.

Now, I must mention that O’Neal is a talented photographer, so whether he is using a top-of-the-line camera or his iPhone, he is bound to make some visual magic, so keep this in mind. He is a visual guy utilizing the array of tools at his fingertips. Also, these are calculated and planned productions. The models are stunning and styled and there is post production involved.  It’s not as nearly as raw as the millions of Instagram photographs made daily.

My two cents for the day: IPhones and Instagram do not necessarily make you a better photographer, but it is really fun to share your experiences.  And for that reason alone, I do love it and thank you Vogue for the Instagram eye candy.

In case you didn’t get the Vogue hyperlink above … here’s the link to see the spread:

Caption: Two photographs by Michael O’Neal from #VogueInstaFashion: Our First Instagram Photo Shoot

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