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Bruce Springsteen at the Forum [updated]

Bruce Springsteen at the Forum [updated]

July 5, 1978: Bruce Springsteen drops to the floor during a three-hour concert at the Forum.

In the July 7, 1978, Los Angeles Times, pop music critic Robert Hilburn reported:

When Bruce Springsteen called his band to the front of the stage Wednesday night after a dazzling, emotionally draining hour-and-10-minute performance, a guy across the aisle from me at the Inglewood Forum figured the concert was over.

Having never seen Springsteen before, Richard Palmer, 27, didn’t know about the rock singer’s tendency toward two- and three-hour shows. Palmer, visiting here from Indiana, was drawn to the concert out of curiosity. He had enjoyed one of Springsteen’s records, but was mainly intrigued by all the media attention. He seemed elated at the end.

“That’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen,” he said, slipping a blue windbreaker on. “I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as that. What a show!”

Then, the surprise.

As Springsteen finished introducing the band, he waved to the audience and said, “We’ll be back … after a 15-minute break.”

“BACK?” Palmer repeated incredulously. “What more could he do?”

There was plenty left.

Springsteen and the often blistering E. Street Band returned for 13 more numbers in an astounding hour-and-35-minute stint that left little doubt that he is the preeminent performer in rock music.

The line in rock in 1978 begins with 28-year-old Springsteen. More precisely, it begins right behind him. Without question, he’s now No. 1….

These photos by former staff photographer George Rose was published in the July 7, 1978, Los Angeles Times.

[This post was updated on March 11, 2104 with second photo below.]

July 5, 1978: Bruce Springstein is joined by saxophonist Clarence Clemons on Forum stage. Credit: George Rose/Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

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  1. September 7, 2014, 7:51 pm

    Saw Springsteen twice in less than a year: in Nov. 1980 at the Sports Arena, and then in Aug. 1981 again at the Sports Arena. The 3-4 hour shows were legendary! Back then he really gave concertgoers their money's worth!

    By: Alma

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