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The Ramettes

The Ramettes

December 1958: Los Angeles Rams halfback Jon Arnett runs through a tunnel formed by the Ramettes — the team’s cheerleading squad.

Writer Jeane Hoffman reported in the Dec. 10, 1958, Los Angeles Times Family section:

We hate to disillusion you, but really there’s NOTHING to that old song, “You Gotta Be a Football Hero to Get Along With a Beautiful Girl…”

In the first place the football hero – eligible Jon Arnett – hasn’t met the beautiful girl. He has a great chance too, because he runs right past 50 females at every Ram game. They’re the Ramettes, who line up to welcome the Rams and put on both a pre game and halftime show…

“We just never get to meet the Rams,” sighed pretty Karen Uker, 18-year-old Long Beach State College student. “When the team comes on the field they’re always in a hurry and they run right past our formations without batting an eye. When they’re warming up on the field they’re too busy to notice us. During the game, of course, its hopeless. After the game they’re in a rush to get to the dressing room. So what chance do we have?”…

Year after year this situation has existed. Ramette Director John Boudreau can’t recall that a Ram player has ever dated a Ramette…

This photo by staff photographer Ben Olender accompanied Hoffman’s article in the Dec. 10, 1958, Los Angeles Times.

A story in the Sept. 8, 1976, Los Angeles Times reported that the Ramettes were disbanded in 1970.

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