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Whisper to Me the Words, 2010.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Barbara Ruffini

Keeping Up With the Janes, 2012.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Marjorie Salvaterra

Starfish Detail, 2011.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Christine Caldwell

The Cement Ball, 2004.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Aline Smithson

Jamie Foxx, 2005.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

Venice Vintage Bikers, 2012.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Christopher Medak

Off the Wall, Havana, Cuba, 2006.


Bamboo Waterway, 2010.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Stephen Courtney

Magaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan with Lucky, 1986.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jim Hubbard / Bettmann/CORBIS

Wynn Miller, Shepard Fairey and Tony Alva Collaboration, 2010.


Royal Family, 2010.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Natalie Marie Franco

Lawns, 2009.


Self Portrait Denmark, 1961.

PHOTOGRAPH BY:  Imogen Cunningham / Imogen Cunningham Trust

Santa Monica Pier - Pilings Removed, 2008.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Douglas McCulloh

Venetian Eggleston, 2009.


Jonas Yip, The Path, 2012.


Determination, 2009. Student work from the Documentary Programs: Picturing Health, South L.A. Figueroa Corridor.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Khaliq Farthing

Untitled, 2013. Student work from the Mentoring & Education Program, Venice.


Tiny Dancer, 2010. Student work from the Mentoring & Education Program, Venice.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Genevieve Ward

Untitled, 2009. Student work from the Mentoring & Education Program, Venice.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Timmie Escobedo

My Memories, 2008. Student work from the Documentary Programs: The House is Small but the Welcome is Big, Maputo, Mozambique.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Joaquim Varalito

Untitled, 2011. Student work from the Mentoring & Education Program, Venice.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jocelyn Ramirez

Burning Sugar Cane, 2001. Student work from the Documentary Programs: Picturing Race, Durban, South Africa.


Cachuma, 2012. Student work from the Mentoring & Education Program, Venice.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jeanette Vasquez

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Venice Arts celebrates 20 years of photography education

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Venice Arts celebrates 20 years of photography education

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Venice Arts celebrates 20 years of photography education

by Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times

The gallery above features work by artists who have donated work to the Venice Arts auction and by Venice Arts students.

Venice Arts began 20 years ago with 10 kids and a darkroom in a donated basement with a mission to create a vibrant arts center for low-income youth in the Venice community. That workshop seeded Venice Arts’ award-winning Art Mentoring & Education program, which now reaches hundreds of youths each year through free workshops in photography, filmmaking, animation and media arts at its Center for Media & Learning in Venice.

On Nov. 2, the group will play host to its 20th Anniversary Gala, featuring a silent auction of fine-art photography donated by prominent photographers, as well as work by Venice Arts’ students. Proceeds from the event will help the center continue its work in the community.

Donating photographers include: Gareth Abraham, Kwaku Alston, Nancy Baron, Christine Caldwell, Ellen Cantor, Stephen Courtney, Marian Crostic, Imogen Cunningham, Julia Dean, Natalie Franco, Jim Hubbard, Amanda Keller Konya, J. K. Lavin, Douglas McCulloh, Erin McGuire, Christopher Medak, Diane Meyer, Wynn Miller, Michael Miner, Genaro Molina, Michele Morris, Hal Myers,  Matt Ogens, Sabine Pearlman, Susan Rennie, Carol Royce-Wilder, Barbara Ruffini, Marjorie Salvaterra, Dan Shepherd, Aline Smithson, Jasmine Swope, Mark Swope, Salvatore Totino, Brett Van Ort, Francis Mark Woods, Jonas Yip and David Zentz.

The photography exhibit is curated by Venice Arts associate director Elysa Voshell and will be on display through Nov. 1. Venice Arts is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is at 1702 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291. For information or to purchase tickets for the gala event, go to the Venice Arts website.


  1. October 23, 2013, 2:35 pm

    Thank you, LA Times, for featuring this great work by pros and kids! I think the kids' work is so strong and, in some cases, indistinguishable from the pro work. Kudos to the teaching artists who are so committed to developing youths' creativity and aesthetics!

  2. November 1, 2013, 11:46 am

    This is a fantastic program. Venice Arts is a truly magnificent organization. Immense opportunities and mentoring for our youth, back-filling the art deficit in our schools, inspiring and beautiful art, a record of our times and cultures, diversity experience and cross cultural awareness for young artists in restricted in our social system, support of growing artists as mentors and instructors, and community building. It has proven itself over 20 years to be well-run and a reliable institution prepared and growing into a solid part of the LA art scene.

    By: jodieescobedo

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