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1954 freeway traffic survey

1954 freeway traffic survey

Nov. 17, 1954: When this photo was published in the Nov. 18, 1954, Los Angeles Times, the caption reported:

Hollywood Freeway at Silver Lake overpass was filled with cars late afternoon while Temple St. was practically deserted, newsmen noted on traffic survey from the air. Trip was arranged by Junior Chamber of Commerce-Greater Los Angeles Safety Council.

These two photos were published in the Nov. 18, 1954. Los Angeles Times. Photos were taken from the Goodyear blimp Enterprise by staff photographer Ray Graham.

Nov. 17, 1954: Late afternoon congestion in Los Angeles for inbound traffic near Aliso St. Bridge is shown. Bridge widening is under way as well as a new overhead link for southbound vehicles going from the Ramona Freeway to the Santa Ana Freeway. The Ramona later became the San Bernardino Freeway. Credit: Ray Graham / Los Angeles Times

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