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1952 golf tournament at night

1952 golf tournament at night

Feb. 4, 1952: Joe Louis tees off at Inglewood Country Club in night golf exhibition while Tommy Bolt, left, and Lloyd Mangrum await their turn.

Writer Charles Curtis explained the night tournament in a Feb. 3, 1952, Los Angeles Times article:

The sponsor is Jim Walker, a wealthy Portland, Or., toy airplane manufacturer, inventor and low handicapped golfer who aims to prove that night golf is a feasible thing for the future, particularly in the streaming jungles of the Midwest and East on summer nights.

Walker will have the course lighted as intensively as the floor of the Coliseum for a night football game.

Each of the contestants will be followed by one of Walker’s portable spotlights which develop 700,000 beam candlepower and may be focused for a spot or flood effect. A light-bearer wears the spotlight on his head in a man-from-Mars effect and covers the course on a scooter-type affair.

In addition, the course will be liberally sprinkled with 5000-watt floodlights. Six of them will cover the course from the club house hilltop.

Curtis reported the tournament results in the Feb. 5, 1952, Los Angeles Times:

Jim Walker’s second annual “Stars Under the Stars” night golf tournament provided six linesmen with a flossy financial target last night but the winner was only able to collect $1000 in the 18-hole round at Inglewood Country Club.

Lloyd Mangrum, golf’s leading money winner of 1951, shot the only sub par round of the night, a 71. In so doing he nicked Sponsor Walker for a $1000 cash award. Walker had promised to pay the tournament winner a grand for each stroke finished under par.

Mangrum shot 36-35 on the par 37-35 courseā€¦.

The night tournament drew a crowd of some 2000 fans who stumbled down the fairways in pursuit of the two threesomes, Mangrum, Louis and Bolt teeing off in the first group.

Tee shots and second shots were brightly illuminated, the spotlights following the flight of the balls without difficulty. But on the green, the lighting was short of perfection and many shadows and moving beams hampered the players. In addition, the evening dew made putting difficult…

This photo by retired staff photographer Art Rogers was published in the Feb. 5, 1952, Los Angeles Times.

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  1. January 8, 2014, 7:27 am

    The article states that Lloyd Mangrum shot a 71, but does anyone know what Joe Luis and Tommy Bolt shot?

  2. January 8, 2014, 8:23 am

    The other scores were Jack Rurke Jr., 72; Jimmy Demaret, 73; Dr. Cary Middlecoff, 75; Tommy Bolt, 76 and Joe Louis, 81.

    By: Scott Harrison

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