Traffic held up as sheep cross street

Oct. 17, 1955: With the help of policemen, sheep are moved across Ventura Blvd., in Woodland Hills.

A short article in the Oct. 18, 1955, Los Angeles Times explains:

Two policemen, three dogs, a shepherd, two goats and a few students from Pierce College combined their talents yesterday to help Nick Costa of Calabasas lead a band of 500 sheep across busy Ventura Blvd. to greener pastures in Woodland Hills.

Costa appealed for police help to stem the tide of traffic while he moved his flock a mile and a half from Winnetka Ave. and Vanowen St., where they had eaten everything in sight.

Cars were backed up for a half mile in each direction as the bleating parade of sheep ambled across the pavement in a five-minute procession.

As the traffic flow was started again, Costa spotted one hesitant sheep and carried him across the traffic in his arms.

This photo by former staff photographer Pete Grant was published in the Oct. 18, 1955, Los Angeles Times.

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