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Got off with a warning citation

Got off with a warning citation

June 24, 1970: Randy West, 11, of Westminster is unhappy after receiving a warning citation for riding his minibike in the vacant land between Huntington Beach Center and the San Diego Freeway at Beach Blvd.

A June 25, 1970, Los Angeles Times story by staff writer W. B. Rood explains:

HUNTINGTON BEACH–Randy West, 11, took it like a man Wednesday–his first brush with the law and the news that his favorite minibike trails were off limits.

The sandy-haired youngster was one of the first to receive a warning citation from police as the result of a new ordinance which places virtually insurmountable restrictions on use of private property for motorcycle or minibike riding in the city.

“If it’s the law, you gotta obey it,” said Randy moments after receiving the warning citation for riding his minibike on a popular trail between Huntington Center and the San Diego Freeway.

“I’ll just have to wait until my dad has time to take me to the desert or someplace where it’s okay to ride,” said the boy, who lives in Westminster.

Complaints about noise and dust created by hundreds of cyclists, who have made the field near Huntington Center one of Orange County’s most popular unofficial riding spots, were instrumental in prompting the City Council to pass the ordinance…

The measure imposes a fine of from $25 to $100, more than many major traffic fines, for riding on private property without written consent from the property owner, approval of the site by city officials and a permit issued by the Police Department….

This photo by retired staff photographer Cliff Otto was published in the June 25, 1970, Los Angeles Times.

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  1. January 23, 2014, 9:04 am

    I had a motorized mini-bike like Randy’s in the late 50’s. I rode it on the concrete base of the LA River, which was just down the street. Looking back, my regular bicycle was more fun. Less noise and repair time.

    By: Bruno Marr

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