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‘ I’m Richie the Barber, that’s who I am’

By Nita Lelyveld

One day in his little back room at Bolt Barbers in West Hollywood, Richie the Barber — shaved head halfway to total tattoo coverage — decides he’d like to break a Guinness World Record.

“Most tattooed,” he says. “Hey, wouldn’t that be great?”

Just thinking about it makes him bounce, eyes wide with excitement, in front of his turn-of-the-century barber chair.

For a second, he pauses work on the head of hair he is shaping rapidly into a fade. “But that’s probably hard, right?” he says. Then he shrugs and resumes snipping, so swiftly his scissor blades click like castanets.

Light-bulb moments come constantly to this exuberant 28-year-old. Some make him go to extremes.

Consider his two passions: being a barber and being a clown.

Richie practically grew up in his grandfather’s Westminster barbershop, where he first wielded the scissors at age 10.

Two years ago, he trimmed off his last name — Esposito — and legally became Richie the Barber.

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