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New road for Salton Sea resorts

New road for Salton Sea resorts

June 1934: Recreation on the Salton Sea at Date Palm Beach, a resort near Mecca along the North Shore highway.

Reaching the Salton Sea’s Date Palm Beach became easier with the opening of the North Shore road. A story in the July 1, 1934, Los Angeles Times explains:

Offering motorists a new route into Imperial Valley, the State “North Shore” road along the northeastern side of Salton Sea is due to be completed about the 15th.

Oil-mix surfacing is progressing rapidly along the 43.8 miles of this public works project from Mecca to Niland, it was reported yesterday by the Automobile Club of Southern California charting representatives upon their return from an inspection trip. While the highway has been widened to only about twelve feet, it provides a new, safe route for trucks from farms and ranches of the northern section of Imperial Valley to metropolitan markets and for recreational travel to interesting spots along the north shore, to the valley itself, and on circle tours around Salton Sea.

The new road built by hand labor has been classed by the State as a “stage improvement,” since a considerable number of dips exist and many of the 120 small bridges of the old sand trail have been utilized on the realignment. These have been provided with guard rails and Auto Club signs already in place warn users of the narrow roadbed across them and of the seven-ton weight limit.

The forty-four miles has been built with the comparatively modest appropriation of $63,200 and approximately 500,000 gallons of oil applied…

It is also expected to stimulate development of the north shore of Salton Sea as a winter resort area. Date Palm Beach, an attractive stretch of sandy beach offering good bathing canoeing and motor-boating to visitors, and Salton Beach, another alluring region for recreation practically the year around, are already being utilized extensively by (Imperial) valley residents…

These two photos accompanied the above story in the July 1, 1934, Los Angeles Times.

June, 1934: View of the newly oiled Salton Sea North Shore Road with The Times-Auto Club car. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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