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D-day is coming!

D-day is coming!

Original published caption in the May 9, 1944, Los Angeles Times:

JUMPERS READY — U.S. Army plane disgorges its para-troops during invasion rehearsal in England. Allied gliders and paratroopers completed their exercises Saturday. Credit: Associated Press

In May, 1944, the entire world expected the Allied invasion of Northern France. The Los Angeles Times carried several stories and photos on the pending invasion – already called D-day.

These three Associated Press photos appeared in The Times on May 8 and 9, 1944.

The 70th anniversary of D-day is on June 6, 2014.

Original caption from May 8, 1944, Los Angeles Times:

AIR-BORNE SOLDIERS IN ENGLAND — American glider troops parade at an airfield somewhere in British Isles as invasion training draws toward its climax. Credit: Associated Press

The above photo was published on Page 1. The ground on this print was painted in by a  Times staff artist.

Original published caption in the May 8, 1944, Los Angeles Times:

DESTINATION: D-DAY — Men of a U.S. quartermaster battalion wait on a pier somewhere in Britain ready to move to their base as accumulation and organization of men and material approaches a climax. Credit: Associated Press.

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  1. May 22, 2014, 11:46 am

    Hey, the American and Brit media should be paying far more attention to the "Beach" that the world seems to have forgotten. JUNO BEACH saw CANADIAN TROOPS storming in on D-Day in June, 1944. I'm a proud Canadian who will never forget the first time he saw the famous D-Day movie The Longest Day. I think I heard the word Canada in the film once and never heard about JUNO BEACH (yet countless about the American and Brit beaches).
    Per Ca-pita, Canada's commitment during the war was unmatched among western allies.
    Hundreds of thousands in the army, air force and navy and 36,000 killed during the war.
    Media must look at strange Cdn. PM MACKENZIE KING, whose government served heroically throughout the war (which Canada joined two years before the USA).
    Look at C.D. HOWE, the mastermind of Canada's massive industrial and military commitment. Howe is fascinating – a young AMERICAN lawyer who emigrated to Canada as a young man. Twenty-five years later, he was known as the "minister of everything" because of his power and influence. Check him out at Wikipedia (must read).
    HEY BRITS and AMERICANS. CANADA was at Normandy. Pay the northern nation the attention it deserves.

    By: Luke

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