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Dodgers' home plate becomes dinner plate

Dodgers’ home plate becomes dinner plate

April 15, 1962: Clown Emmett Kelly makes himself right at home at Dodger Stadium using home plate as a dinner plate.

Kelly was promoting the International Super Circus then performing at the Sports Arena. Retired staff photographer Art Rogers wrote on his caption sheet:

¬†“‘Kelly At The Plate’ — before game, great clown Emmett Kelly tickled the funny bones of more than 40,000 fans as he moseyed about the playing field. At one point, he swept off home plate, sat himself down, laid out a napkin bound morsel on the plate, and made a dish of it with great relish.”

Dodgers lost the game, 6-3, to the Milwaukee Braves.

In 1957, Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley hired Kelly as the team mascot. His Dodgers-related appearances included a visit to¬†Wrigley Field, below, then home field of the Los Angeles Angels, at the time a minor league team owned by the Dodgers.

Clown Emmett Kelly cleans off home plate between innings at Wrigley Field in South Los Angeles. This photo was published in the June 30, 1957 Times. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

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