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Evel Knievel in work furlough program

Evel Knievel in work furlough program

Dec. 12, 1977: Evel Knievel, dark glasses center, leaving the Spring Street side of Hall of Justice. The car is Knievel’s Stutz convertible.

The daredevil Knievel was spending his nights in jail and days at work after a felony conviction.

Staff writer Bill Farr reported in the Dec. 15, 1977, Los Angeles Times:

Knievel is the most popular inmate in years, signing photographs and distributing medallions literally by the hundreds to his fellow prisoners, jailers and elevator operators at the Hall of Justice.

Asked for his response to claims that he is getting favored treatment, Knievel told the Times:

“If I couldn’t be on this program, I’d end up having to file bankruptcy and that would not only hurt me and my family but a whole lot of other people I work with. But I’ll have to leave it to other people to say whether it is a fair thing.”

After Knievel pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge for his Sept. 21 baseball bat battering of television executive Sheldon Saltman, Superior Judge Edward Rafeedie sentenced Knievel to six months in jail but recommended that he be placed on the work furlough program.

Under the program, an inmate can spend his days at work but must report to the jail at night and on weekends….

Knievel was put on the work furlough program Nov. 23 and each morning now about 9:30 a.m., his driver, usually in an elongated yellow and white Stutz Italia convertible, picks him up at the Hall of Justice after his night in jail.

The photo above by staff photographer Art Rogers accompanied Farr’s article.

Knievel passed away on Nov. 30, 2007. This Associated Press obituary,  “Daredevil Evel Knievel dies at 69,” is online.

March 3, 1967: Motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel soars over tops of cars during practice jump at Gardena’s Ascot Park. Knievel’s jump was held before the 100-lap Grand Prix steeplechase. This photo was published in the March 4, 1967, Los Angeles Times. Credit: Wayne Kelley / Los Angeles Times

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