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Behind the lens: The Nicole Brown Simpson-Ronald Goldman crime scene

Behind the Lens: The Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman crime scene

By Francine Orr

Twenty years ago I was freelancing for the Los Angeles Times out of the Westside edition based in Santa Monica.

“Can you go check out a possible crime scene on Bundy?” asked George Hatch, an editor. “We have a report that something happened, and we need someone to check it out.”

I was on desk duty at the time and couldn’t hold my camera properly after injuring my wrist. I explained that to the editor but offered to check it out anyway.  So off I went.

I had covered a double shooting near Venice High School that same week, so I was surprised to be covering another crime scene so soon. When I arrived, I could see through an open gate the investigation and a lot of blood. Too much blood.

I took a few images with the camera balanced on my left forearm and called the office from a nearby pay phone, (which was the norm at the time). I explained to Hatch that yes, something had happened but this looked different from the shooting just a few days prior. There was too much blood, I explained, they should send a writer. Little did I know who the victims were and that the story would become a national obsession.

I recall how the crowd grew outside Nicole’s home in the days that followed. It had become a real spectacle. The street was filled with the public and reporters. So many people were there that the crowd swelled onto the lawns across the street. The rumor was that O.J. Simpson was inside the home.

He was not.

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