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Disneyland to open soon

Disneyland to open soon

June 22, 1955: Walt Disney, right, and old-time friend and painter Clyde “Vic” Forsythe look over a moat at a castle that will mark the entrance to Fantasyland.

In the June 23, 1955, Los Angeles Times, writer Ed Ainsworth reported on the construction of Disneyland:

“Mr. Magic” in a pink shirt and old straw hat got ready yesterday to roll up the curtain on the impossible.

It was costing him sweat and sleeplessness, but he was loving every minute of it.

Walt Disney, in other words, is putting the finishing touches on the incredible dream-come-true that is called Disneyland.

Right now, it all looks like king-size chaos.

But says everybody who knows Disney, the $17,000,000 fantasy world will open on time Monday, July 18.

Walt was on the prowl yesterday to make that certain…

On the 160 acres of Disneyland, 1200 workers are swarming in a determined assault upon a job that should take another year, but is going to be done in 25 more days…

Disneyland opened to the public on July 18, 1955.

This photo accompanied Ainsworth’s article in the June 23, 1955, Los Angeles Times.

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  1. July 11, 2014, 11:04 am

    If Dad had only purchased as much as an easement on Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim in 1954 and not five acres of worthless land out in the dessert…

    By: MeMeDavinci
  2. July 11, 2014, 2:31 pm

    This whole place is a salve for Mr. Disney's massive ego, will never resonate with the general public and will close by 1960.

    By: John C. Baker

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